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Durable Medical Equipment

Our DME retail and rental divisions consist of three fully equipped stores, each with a vast array of medical equipment, wheelchairs (for sale & rent) and other DME related products. Whether it is a scooter, lift chair, or a reacher, Active American Mobility and Supply Company is able to meet virtually every medical equipment need. Complex Rehab Equipment, Custom wheelchairs sales & rentals

Home Modifications

It is important for everyone to feel free and mobile in their own home. This is why we are dedicated to making complete home mobility a reality regardless of your disability. By offering modifications for bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, front steps and narrow doorways our Houston handicap remodeling team can help you enjoy freedom of movement throughout your home and the ability to experience a better quality of life.

Power and Manual Wheelchair Sales and Rental

We specialize in:

  • Power &┬áManual Wheelchairs & Custom Wheelchairs
  • Rental, Sale, and Service of Durable Medical Equipment.
  • Adaptive Equipment & Complex Rehab Equipment

Home Modifications We Offer:

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